Looking for a press agent to make noise and news? You found us!  We love what we do, and we bring an effective old-school style to our approach. The personal touch.  Yes, we still like to use telephones for what they were made for: talking to each other. But we're not old school when it comes to media outreach. We're nimble and efficient navigating the digital landscape and that allows us to maximize the reach and impact of every campaign we create and orchestrate. That means lots of media placements and that means happy clients.

We're fierce and focused, and we limit ourselves to the number of projects we take on so that no one or anything gets lost in the shuffle.  In fact, the only shuffling we do around here is with our iTunes playlist.  We've had the great opportunity to work with fine artists from Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss and Kelly Willis to Black Violin and Trombone Shorty, all of whom you can check out on our Previous Campaign Page.

In high rotation on our first playlist of 2018 is blues guitar great Jimmie Vaughan and his Trio, old time music maestro David Bragger, Berkley's first family of music, Thompsonia, Sadowsky Guitars,  THE LAST MUSIC COMPANY,  and a welcomed return for renowned singer-songwriter Tish Hinojosa. 

Did I mention how we are known for thinking outside the sand box and connecting dots that often reveal fresh ideas and opportunities? Our imagination is limitless and our range of interests is vast, though we steer clear of high finance and physics.  If you are looking for someone in those fields, we recommend you ask Siri or Alexa.