Joan Myers





  • -Booking Black Violin to perform before Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote

  • -Calling Roger Waters Dave Gilmour during a photo shoot for a client

  • -Booking Ray Charles for the United States Postal Service for an Immigrants Arrive stamp issue on Ellis Island.

  • -Bonnie Raitt sweeping the Grammy’s with her Nick of Time Record

  • -Spending a day doing press with Taj Mahal and losing him which management had hoped to avoid.

  • -Instigating and arranging Duane Eddy to be a part of Musicares Person of the Year honoring Paul McCartney fundraising event.

  • -Traveling around the world on behalf of the United States Postal Service creating events for stamp issues and designing accompanying youth programs

  • -Working with The Rhythm and Blues Foundation helping to revive careers of older artists in their sunset years.

  • -Having one of our press releases used as the perfect way to write one in a Billboard PR101 publication. (Typos and all)

  • -Television bookings including Letterman, SNL, Today Show, CNN, MTV, VH-1, Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, Conan, and more than I can count for clients under our watch.

  • -Booking the winning Rube Goldberg College Contest winners on Jimmy Kimmel.

  • -Being with the then  unknown Allison Krauss when she won her first Grammy and teling security to please let me backstage, my daughter won a Grammy! 



“Hi it’s (astronaut) Buzz Aldrin,I  can’t find the NPR office,” but Mr. Aldrin, you made it to the moon so you'll find it."

 “Myers multi-personality Media Sybil speaking, what do you want! (guest switchboard artist Bonnie Raitt)

“Boney, it’s Ruth (Brown), the New York Times thinks I’m going to die soon, they just called me to ask questions for my obituary.”

"You're pulling my leg about being Dan Rather's granddaughter right? (JV)


 R&B Legend Candi Station. “Haven’t worked this hard in 20 years, girl’s trying to kill me.” (after week long  press junket in the UK)

 Bonnie Raitt. “Couldn’t have done it without you (Nick of Time)”

“Why would the Tonight show want me? What did you do pay them off?” Mike Reid

“Joan sorry but someone will get you out of the elevator, we have to leave now for interviews “Andy Fraser

“Ooo Joan, you are the most important, well one of the most important  people in my life." Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Charles Brown.

“What the hell is Joanne Worley doing in our greenroom?”, David Letterman mistaking me for her.

 “Jaysus Joanie!!! A 7:00am local tv interview that they would have to get up at 4am for, are you crazy?” Atomic Agency President, Davis McClarty.